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      How To Hire The Top-Rated Exterior Painters In Maryland For Your Exterior Home Painting Project

      You’ve undoubtedly taken one look at your home’s exterior and decided that you need to freshen it up. If your home’s exterior has a painted finish, you’ll likely want to put a couple of coats of paint on it. What you’ve probably concluded by now is that it’s a big job!

      As you can imagine, it’s a job best tackled by professionals with the right tools and equipment and plenty of experience and skill. Keeping that in mind, what’s the best way of finding the right exterior painters in Maryland for the job?

      This handy guide tells you all you need to know.

      Why should you hire exterior painters in Maryland?

      If you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire a professional to tackle your exterior painting in Maryland, these reasons will convince you it’s a decision that makes perfect sense:

      Comprehensive preparation

      Painting the outside of any property isn’t just about getting up on a ladder and painting. You’ll need to power-wash the exterior, repair any damage to wood, joints, seams, and scrape off any old paint.

      High-quality exterior paint

      If you use budget-quality paint, you’ll soon regret your choice as you’ll need to repeat your painting project! Hiring best rated exterior painters in Maryland means you can rest assured they will only use premium-brand paint for a durable, long-lasting finish.

      Fast turnaround time

      The last thing you want to do is spend all your spare time painting sections of your home’s exterior. An advantage of hiring best rated exterior painters in Maryland is they’ll have a team of professionals to get the job done in a short time.

      Guaranteed workmanship

      You can expect a high standard of work when hiring the best rated exterior painters in Maryland. While it’s a rare occurrence, things can sometimes go wrong. It’s good to know that any problems can get quickly rectified for free by a contractor that you hire.

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      What could happen if you do the work yourself?

      It might seem strange, but something as simple as getting on a ladder and painting some exterior walls can have significant downsides. Three such examples include:

      You might injure yourself

      Most homeowners aren’t aware of how easy it can be to injure themselves at great heights when painting their home’s exterior. Plus, they’re unlikely to follow even necessary safety precautions when working at heights.

      You might not prepare the work area properly

      It takes a lot of preparation before the seemingly simple process of painting can begin. If you don’t prepare the surfaces correctly, any paint you apply is unlikely to stay on your exterior walls for long.

      You could become ill

      Some homeowners don’t consider they could become ill from painting the exterior of their homes. Working in extreme weather conditions, for instance, can cause a range of medical issues. And accidentally ingesting paint or other chemicals could lead to a hospital visit.

      Five steps to hiring best rated exterior painters in Maryland

      Now that you know why it makes sense to hire a contractor, how can you find the best one to paint your home’s exterior?

      1. Make a shortlist of contractors

      Ask people you know for recommendations of painting contractors in Maryland they’ve used in the past. Do an online search for top-rated local ones as well.

      2. Have each contractor visit you in person for an estimate

      Avoid any contractor that will happily give you an estimate over the phone or by email. They need to survey your home’s exterior for an accurate appraisal.

      3. Ask for references or testimonials

      Genuine contractors will be happy to give you details of previous customers that have had the same work done in the past.

      4. Specify your exact requirements

      Outline what you want the painting contractor to do, which colors to use, and which areas may need repairing.

      5. Make your choice

      Take some time to evaluate each contractor’s proposals, and choose one that you’ll feel will offer the best value for money.

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